M-A-P Projects is an interdisciplinary collaboration between three kinds of makers. We have backgrounds in interactive media & design across multiple platforms, physical & digital, combining experience in the arts & research with extensive commercial portfolios.

Dr James Moore

James is an interaction designer, artist and researcher. He has worked in interactive media, film/TV & theatre contexts for clients such as the BBC, C4, Lego, Nike, Toyota, EON Productions, National Museum of Wales, as well as teaching Digital Media Design at the Universities of Westminster, Falmouth & Teesside. Awarded his PhD from the Planetary Collegium in 2014, James’ research connects contemporary network culture with a field of pre-digital, avant-garde film and video practice.

Lynwen Anthony M.A. RCA

Lynwen is a graphic designer & art director with 25 years of industry experience. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1997 she has worked with clients such as Topshop, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Comme des Garcons, Mulberry & others on fashion advertising campaigns, marketing materials & in-store environments. Lynwen has collaborated extensively with photographer Norbert Schoerner & designer Steven Wolstenholme.

Alcwyn Parker M.A. Ed

Alcwyn is a programmer, interactive artist and educator with a passion for technology and innovation. He joined Falmouth University in 2010 where he taught various forms of interactive media including but not limited to, web & mobile app development, experimental cinema & hardware development, designing courses utilising platforms such as Arduino and development environments such as Processing. Since 2020 Alcwyn also works as a developer with Buzz Interactive, Cornwall, UK.